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Huertgen Family Chiropractic


711 Bethlehem Pike   Erdenheim, PA 19038

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Chiropractic has had a very positive effect and provided pain relief after many years of arthritis. My rheumatologist is very happy with my progress.

 -Miriam Avilies, Seamstress



In 1996 dust, pollen and mold were making my life miserable. I was seeing an allergy specialist and receiving allergy shots weekly with not much relief from congestion and headaches. Dr. Norm convinced me to give chiropractic a try. Within 30 days I was completely cured, I had my life back. No more allergy shots, no more congestion or headaches. Chiropractic and Dr. Norm changed my life. I now see Dr. Norm every other week and I am still allergy free. Thank you Dr. Norm!!!!

 -Bruce Glendinning, Real Estate



About a week before Christmas 2001, I experienced pain in my lower back that was so severe that I was barely able to walk and driving was impossible. My wife drove me to see a physician who is in partnership with normal family doctor. He advised me that the pain was a normal occurrence and usually lasted about 5 days. He prescribed muscle relaxers and pain medicine. My pain was so severe that I knew that I needed more help. I had heard about Dr. Norm from longtime friends of mine Ed and Patty.

The staff was most accommodating to my wife's request that I be seen as soon as possible. In less than one hour, Dr. Norm had analyzed my problem and had readjusted me in a manner that relieved my pain. While I was hardly able to walk into his office that day, I felt like I could have jogged home (I didn't!). My condition has required several follow-up sessions but I feel that without this help, I would probably just be re-filling my pain medication by now.

-Pat McCool, Security Director



By investing in chiropractic care on a regular basis, I prevent much of the neck and back pain which used to come and go. I sleep better and feel less stress as well. Also, I have been receiving care for over ten years now, and have many doctors, and Dr. Norm is definitely the BEST!

-Keith Brundin, Sales




Chiropractic has allowed he to maintain a very active exercise routine. I run 10-15 miles per week and am often on airplanes sitting for long periods of time. Regular visits with Dr. Norm have allowed me to stay active and healthy. He's the best!

-Ed Hoban, Marketing Consultant



I used to have back pain from degenerate disks in my neck. That pain has been almost completely eliminated through chiropractic. I had gone to an orthopedic doctor who prescribed traction and antibiotics that did not help. Chiropractic has helped me feel well overall and helped keep my spine in shape.

-Rich Lownes, Financial Advisor



As an athlete I feel that chiropractic keeps my body fine-tuned and allows me to swim to the best of my ability. In addition, I believe my body has been much healthier since I began chiropractic adjustments.

-Kirstin Jones, Student



Chiropractic is for everyone. We just need to discover it for ourselves. I discovered Dr. Norm through a friend. I mentioned that I was having some recurring low level aching in my back/hip area. I couldn't remember hurting myself. I asked my friend a lot of questions about those infamous "cracking sounds" I had heard described. She laughed and explained that Dr. Norm was not that kind of Doc. He did manipulations that realigned the body to its natural equilibrium. I made first appointment and for the past five years I have had a monthly "tune-up". I am fortunate to not have any injuries or recurring aches and pains and Norm keeps it that way. I just feel great every time I leave the office.

A word about Dr. Norm: he is a sensitive, caring professional who expresses a genuine interest in his patients as people. Discover what chiropractic medicine can do for you and your body!!

-Shelly Brick, Program Director

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